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Founded in 1992 by ENT and Head & Neck surgeons, the Nisantasi ENT Group (Nisantasi KBB Grubu) uses state of the art equipment and employs advanced expertise, continuous professional development and teamwork in treating their patients.

Introduction, Practices and Professional Principles

The Nisantasi ENT Group specialists' primary goal is to provide the highest level of patient satisfaction by upholding medical ethics and the physician's code of conduct to protect both physicians' and patients' rights. Due to the fact that medicine continues to develop, in order to accomplish this goal the Nisantasi ENT Group doctors continue to participate in both domestic and international medical education programs. In addition, they remain aware of ENT medical technology improvements and strive to always be at the forefront of approved medical developments. Currently the Nisantasi ENT Group posesses and utilizes every size and angled endoscope available in the ENT field (0-30-45-70-90 degrees rigid endoscopes for adults, 0-30 degrees pediatric endoscopes, flexible endoscopes, laryngostroboscopes, sialendoscopes). Today because of their effort, many other ENT centers have begun to use these same type of endoscopes, which has helped to increase the overall quality of health services in the ENT field in their country. However, the Nisantasi ENT Group chooses the technology it uses with respect to how it will benefit the patient and avoids the use of unnecessary treatment techniques. For the Nisantasi ENT Group, competition with fellow collegues is viewed only as a way to improve their medical practices and is not done at the patient's expense. The Nisantasi ENT Group seeks to uphold the principle of honesty and integrity in every circumstance.

When advanced surgery is required, in addition to the use of state of the art equipment, it is necessary to emphasize the importance that the Nisantasi ENT Group specialists place on working in cooperation with other experts in the field. In doing so, the Nisantasi ENT Group specialists have been able to apply diagnostic and treatment methods in otorhinolaryngology with the aim to improve their medical and surgical success rates. The Nisantasi ENT Group specialists' mutual goal is to exceed the world standard in ENT care by continuing to improve their personal development and remaining at the center of ENT medical improvements.

The Nisantasi ENT Group conducts routine and advanced endoscopic diagnostic methods, otoscopic examination, basic hearing tests and computerized nasal function tests (rhinomanometry). The findings of a patient's disorders can be stored as either video or printed images and is used to asssist with patient follow-up care and assessing the treatment's success. The Nisantasi ENT Group has adopted the same quality management techniques used to manage their clinic in the management of ENT diseases. For example, an inferior turbinate reduction with laser assisted intranasal endoscopic surgery can be performed without use of nasal packs and results in high levels of patient comfort and satisfaction. In this way, the Nisantasi ENT Group contrubutes to and supports the current surgical paradigm in the ENT field where current surgical understanding can be summarized as the most appropriate, most minimally invasive, most functional and most comfortable surgery.

Ear Nose Throat and Head & Neck Surgery Specialists and their specialities:

Doç. Dr. Erhun Şerbetci (Sinonasal endoscopic surgery, head&neck surgery, sialendoscopy)
Op. Dr. Atilla Şengör (Pediatric otorhinolaryngology, head&neck aesthetic surgery, sialendoscopy)
Op. Dr. Atif Çetiner ( Ear surgery ) ( Part time )

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